By the first quarter of 2023, Africa Data Centres (ADC), Africa’s largest network of interconnected, carrier and cloud-neutral data centre facilities will break the ground for its first data centre in Kigali, Rwanda that will come with 2MW of IT load and will be purpose-built to meet growing demand in the region.

Disclosing this, Tesh Durvasula, Africa Data Centres’s CEO said the decision to build the data centre in Kigali is an exciting news for the company, adding that decision to build a data centre in Kigali was an easy one, given Rwanda’s robust economic recovery post the COVID-19 pandemic and the Government of Rwanda’s focus on digital transformation.

“It is an exciting time for Africa Data Centres. This latest announcement adds to and complements our existing investments in Rwanda and elsewhere in East Africa. We will work closely with both public and private enterprises in Rwanda to ensure that they can harness the benefits of our data centre facility to enable the provision of digital services that Rwandan citizens need,” he said.

Mr. Durvasula believes that the local enterprise market is eager to benefit from Africa Data Centres’ colocation services and a stable data centre environment. “They will also be able to make the most of global connectivity through a range of global service providers and cloud service providers,” he assured.

Also speaking about the announcement, Hardy Pemhiwa, Group President & CEO of Cassava Technologies said: “This new data centre brings three main benefits to the market – global standards, high quality of service and affordability. In addition, enterprises will achieve cost savings associated with building and maintaining their own facilities”.

He noted that although Rwanda is a landlocked country in East Africa, there is stable network connectivity and infrastructure connecting it to Uganda and from there to the Kenyan coast into Uganda. Africa Data Centres will ensure that Rwanda becomes part of their ecosystem in East Africa by connecting the new data centre to their site in Nairobi

Ultimately, Africa Data Centres wants to extend the same experience to clients in Rwanda as it does in other countries by building a world-class ecosystem to which the Rwandan market can connect.


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