The Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) has assured international students of affordable tuition fees and an unbroken, no-strikes academic programme even in the face of global recession, the rising cost of living including educational fees and numerous strikes in universities across the world.

AIT, an independent technology-focused research university based in Accra, has been consistently ranked as the top private university in Ghana and one of the leading educational institutions in West Africa since it commenced its academic year in 2009.

AIT is affiliated with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Open University Malaysia allowing it to offer expansive, flexible and rigorous academic programmes to about the highest number of international students in Ghana all at highly affordable rates to students.

 “AIT has made affordable fees, indeed, non-prohibitive education the hallmark of its mission underscored by its motto of ‘service, leadership, and scholarship. 

The fee per semester is as low as S$500 per semester and students don’t have to buy books, handouts etc., as all these are available on our system. You can also complete the program online without coming to Ghana,” said the Registrar of AIT, Mr. Dominic Osei-Boakye. 

AIT has built a formidable reputation in over 20 years as a student-friendly, stable academic environment focusing on offering practical skills and leadership capacity to its students.

As the global economy continues to bite, several universities have embarked on labour strikes forcing the suspension of academic activities. In Australia, the University of Auckland, staff is currently on strike under the Tertiary Education Union (TEU) over wage negotiations; in the US, California universities’ academic workers have embarked on strike in the face of rising housing costs; and in Nigeria, universities downed tools for months over funding and wage issues. 

“These are challenges we have been able to successfully navigate as the No.1 private higher institution in a way that has ensured that academic programmes once started by our students are successfully completed allowing them the benefits of optimal scholarly pursuit,” said Osei-Boakye. 

According to him, “The AIT success story cannot be told without mentioning the creativity, strong leadership, and direction from their able President, Prof. Clement Dzidonu. The award-winning Professor has, through AIT transformed educational delivery in the country using Technology. It is little wonder then that he deservedly won the Best Educator of The Year Award.”

Last year, AIT graduated its eighth batch of PhDs during its 16th Graduation Ceremony bringing the total number of PhDs who graduated at AIT since 2016 to Forty-Nine (49) in the fields of Engineering, Business Administration, Education, and Information Technology.

“All indicators point to the fact that AIT as a university with its high-powered and academically distinguished Board of Trustees are meeting several envisaged milestones as a young and growing dynamic institution which is showing all the encouraging signs of becoming a world-class university,” said the Chairman of the AIT Board of Trustees, Professor Edward Ayensu at a function months back.


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