Africa is a continent on the rise when it comes to technology adoption and innovation. From fintech to agriculture, here’s my end of year-round up on a few of the technology trends making waves on the continent, along with some examples of companies leading the charge:

1. Healthcare technology: From telemedicine to electronic medical records, technology is improving the delivery of healthcare in Africa, helping to increase access to quality care and reducing the burden on the healthcare system. Healthtracka is using technology to increase timely access to medical tests and provide users with actionable next steps based on their results.

2. Mobile banking and payments: Mobile phone penetration is high in Africa, leading to the rapid adoption of mobile banking and payment services. This has made financial inclusion more accessible and efficient for millions of people.  M-PESA Payment Solutions is changing the way people access and transfer money in Africa.

3. Agricultural technology: From precision farming to crop monitoring and prediction, technology is transforming the agriculture industry in Africa. This is helping to increase productivity, reduce waste, and improve food security. Farmcrowdy is using technology to connect farmers with buyers and provide access to vital resources and information.

4. Renewable energy: Africa has vast potential for renewable energy, and there are many initiatives underway to harness this potential. From solar panels to wind turbines, renewable energy is helping to bring power to remote areas and drive economic development. M-KOPA Solar is providing affordable renewable energy solutions to communities across Africa.

5. E-commerce: The growth of the internet and mobile phone usage has led to a surge in e-commerce in Africa. This is providing new opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs to reach a wider market and companies like Jumia Group and Konga Group are leading the way here.

These are exciting times for the continent and as we continue to embrace technology, the potential for growth and development will be limitless.

Isaac Akanni is a Digital Transformation and SaaS Specialist


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