Konga has kicked off Valentine’s season early for shoppers on its platform with massive discounts and exciting deals across a wide range of gift items and other product assortments, while also offering a chance for customers to win a free Valentine’s movie date for two.

Tagged For Me & Mine, the Konga Valentine promotion kicks off on Friday, February 3rd and will run till Friday, February 17, 2023.

In line with the theme of the campaign, Konga is offering the cheapest prices and best deals on all Valentine’s gift items and packages for intending shoppers and their partners or loved ones. Furthermore, the e-commerce giant is convinced that shopping the perfect gift for a loved one this season should not cost so much or burn a deep hole in the pockets of the intending shopper, especially considering current economic realities. Indeed, Konga believes that it should only cost a little love.

Among the Valentine product categories positioned by Konga to thrill shoppers, this season are For Him, For Her, King & Queen, 18+ and Valentine Special. Products under For Him category include men wears, men accessories, games and consoles, men’s shoes and men grooming items; For Her has a range of items such as women’s accessories, hair care, women’s shoes, women’s wears and personal care products while the King & Queen segment is dominated by items such as fragrances, gift items, Valentine bundles and jewelry for male and female. Also set to grab the attention of shoppers this Valentine’s season is the 18+ category where Konga has put together the best prices on a varied assortment of adult products including condoms, vibrators, lingerie, wellness items and delay ejaculation, among others. Konga is equally offering a suite of eye-catching products under its Valentine Special category, ranging from a wide variety of Wine & Spirits, make-up and body art, flowers, an N5,000 fashion shop and gifts below N10,000.

Also available is a surplus of best-priced deals on products across other categories such as Mobile Devices, Electronics, Home & Kitchen, Groceries and FMCG, among others, for Valentine’s. There are also special prices and offers on food platters, meals, cakes and other food items for food lovers and shoppers looking to excite their loved ones, courtesy Konga Food.

Equally important, Konga has put together plans to make the Valentine season an unforgettable experience for its customers, with the offer of free tickets to an exclusive movie date. All an intending participant needs to do is pen a romantic note to their partner or loved one under Konga’s post via its social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, with the most creative comments picked randomly and rewarded with tickets for two. A special celebrity guest appearance is also planned by Konga at the venue of the movie date to further excite participating shoppers. Although the selection is random, customers who have shopped on Konga between February 1st, 2023 till date stand a better chance of being considered for priority selection.

Konga has remained the most reliable outlet for price-sensitive and quality-conscious shoppers, culminating in the practice among savvy shoppers to always check prices on Konga before making their buying decision.


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