Isidore Agritech Limited today launched a trading and aggregation platform that connects buyers and sellers together and is capable of transforming the agriculture sector in Nigeria. Thus, building a nation that can feed itself as it provides the full services required for agricultural businesses to grow.

Launching the app tagged Jinja via a virtual press conference, Karen Adie, Chief Executive Officer of Isidore Agritech Limited, explained that Jinja connects buyers and sellers of Agro- commodities, finance and extension services on a single platform.

“Isidore is launching the Jinja app to transform the way agriculture is practiced in Nigeria. The essence of the app is to enable high-quality food production and security by building innovative solutions that empower farmers and agribusinesses to build a nation that can feed itself,” she said.

She added that as an all-in-one Marketplace for Agric, Jinja is a super easy platform to buy and sell commodities, request trucks and more services. It is also available on both Android and iOS operating systems for download.

A cursory look at the app, which can be said to be launched as a result of the opportunities that exist in the agriculture value chain, indicates that the Jinja app is capable of transforming the lives of over 300, 000 farmers in Nigeria with technology as it connects them to alternative market access.

The launch of the Jinja app is to leverage technology to build tools and resources that farmers need to boost food security in Nigeria.

How it Works

For Buyers, all that is needed is to buy commodities and other services directly on the platform. Then Isidore Agritech Limited, owner of the Jinja app will verify all inventory before listing, so your purchase is guaranteed.

For Agents: Sell commodities and other services directly on the platform. Sign up today and get started-truck owners’ insurance, providers and more.


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