Reliance Infosystems, a global ICT organisation that specializes in providing effective digital transformation models, enterprise solutions and success assurance services, was acknowledged as the winner in the Business Transformation Company of the Year category as part of 14th Africa’s Beacon of ICT Merit and Leadership (ABoICT) Awards, held at the Lagos Oriental Hotels, Lekki.

Organised by Nigeria Communications Week a respected technology publication, acknowledges and champions through the awards best practices and outstanding contributions to the growth of the ICT sector. Reliance Infosystems was declared a winner in its category through a voting process that included business leaders, readers, and independent quality experts.

In a letter announcing the achievement, Ken Nwogbo, Editor-In-Chief of Nigeria Communications Week said, “This is a testament to your talents, innovations, contributions and commitments to the growth of the ICT industry, and we are happy that Nigerians have recognized your hard work, sincerity and dedication towards the development of the ICT industry.”

Olayemi Popoola, managing director, Reliance Infosystems, expressed delight at the recognition which is a way of rewarding hard work and motivation to contribute more to the digital transformation of our economy.

According to Popoola, “at Reliance Infosystems, our vision is to reinvent the world through digital transformation. We believe in pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and reshaping industries with the help of innovative technology solutions. By partnering with us, you gain a dedicated team that will race alongside you, providing the necessary technologies, strategies, and support to ensure your success.

“At the core of our business philosophy lies a commitment to winning with our customers. Our success is measured by the progress we help our customers to achieve. To fuel organizations with the right technologies to reach new heights, we provide a tripod of cutting-edge solutions and services that deliver Business Transformation, Operational Excellence and Protection Assurance.

“The current business landscape is powered by technology. Digital transformation offers numerous possibilities, yet these opportunities can only be truly harnessed with the right solutions, guidance and support. That’s where we come in”,

He added that Reliance Infosystems provides organizations with a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the complex digital landscape and achieve success.

“We take an empathy-infused consultative approach to help organisations of all sizes embark on a successful digital transformation journey and capitalize on technology’s abundant opportunities. To achieve this, we provide a unique range of services infused with tailored products and structured around three core pillars,” he said.


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