Tezza Academy is taking strategic steps to broaden its industry partnerships and enhance its IT training model. The software training academy aims to foster collaborations with key economic players across various sectors such as oil and gas, IT and telecoms, banking and insurance, healthcare and education, manufacturing, and construction. These partnerships are intended to facilitate discussions on incorporating trained IT skill sets and creating more opportunities for talented Nigerian youths with advanced IT skills.

Under the leadership of its founder, Roland Omoresemi, Tezza Academy commenced operations in November 2020, building upon the foundations of Tezza Boot Camp. Initially admitting 20 young Nigerians, the academy provides a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses cutting-edge technologies, industry best practices, and soft skills training.

“Our agenda is to equip these young Nigerians with the necessary tools to excel in the global market and transform them into IT consultants while nurturing their roots in their homeland,” stated Omoresemi.

“It is important that we focus on building essential collaborations to attract and retain these highly skilled professionals, whether it is at Dangote Refinery, Zenith Bank, MTN or other prominent organizations within Nigeria and beyond,” emphasized Omoresemi.

He said the sustainability of Tezza Academy relies on the partnerships it forges, and the absorption of trained skill sets across sectors, both locally and globally. As the academy prepares to welcome a new cohort of trainees, it aims to effectively address the challenges of unemployment and employability by placing graduates at client sites.

Established initially as Tezza Boot Camp in November 2020, Lagos-based Tezza Academy has rapidly evolved into a premier institution for transforming young talents into highly skilled IT consultants. Based in Lagos, the academy offers a tuition-free residency training program that guarantees job placements upon the completion of an intensive three-month training course.

Tezza Academy’s focus on imparting IT skills aligns with its broader objective of strengthening Nigeria’s high-end Global Value Chains (GVCs) and positioning the country as a major exporter of human capital, potentially rivaling populous nations like China and India.

“Our immersive program structure enables our trainees to cross-develop and establish firm bonds and alliances to ensure our team of professionals always reflect the best versions of themselves,” said Tezza’s Managing Partner, Jide Modele. Adding: As part of our core ethos, the principles governing the consulting practice as a trusted advisor are taught, learned, and owned by all our trainees.”

A PWC report titled “Nigerian Brain Exports: The Optimal Path to Growing the Nigerian Economy” emphasizes the importance of exporting brain capital and active participation in GVCs as the country’s pathway to development. The report paints an encouraging scenario in which Nigeria captures 17% of global programming and software development jobs, generating an estimated $50 billion in earnings for Nigerians.

Tezza Academy’s training approach involves introducing trainees to software testing and placing them in a Mentoring Program, where they can shadow experts for two to three months. Afterward, they can embark on their own careers as software testers.

“In addition to acquiring technical skills, the core objectives of our curriculum are to develop Thought Leaders and Subject Matter Experts in our areas of specialization for our clients globally,” stated Modele.

Modele proudly shares the success stories of the academy’s first cohort, stating, “Everyone who went through that first class has actually been placed at a client site. All of them have been fully engaged, and all of them were engaged even before they graduated from the academy. So, by way of success stories, all 20 participants of the first cohort were 100% placed at client sites, and their placements were secured even before they completed their training at the academy.”

Additionally, Modele highlighted the significant benefits of Tezza Academy, including the provision of accommodation and a conducive learning environment. “One of the significant benefits and value propositions of the academy is to ensure that all trainees can live, breathe, eat, learn, and develop within the same facility under one roof,” he added.

Tezza Academy goes beyond merely addressing the skills gap; its vision encompasses connecting all stakeholders to strengthen the entire value chain of a robust digital economy. This includes building the capacity of young people and preparing them for local and global opportunities, fostering industry collaborations, and expanding job placement opportunities across sectors such as oil and gas, healthcare, education, fintech, telecommunications and more.


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