The increasing number of Nigerian youths migrating abroad has led to a growing distance between loved ones. As concerns for the health and well-being of sick and aging relatives back home continue to grow, the need for innovative solutions to care for them from afar has become essential. To this regard, Wellahealth, a leading healthcare technology company, has launched a #SendHealthHome campaign to help Nigerians in the diaspora provide quality healthcare for their loved ones.

Access to healthcare, genuine medications, and expert medical remains a significant challenge for many Nigerians. According to the NPHDCA, only 4 out of 10 Nigerians have access to quality healthcare services, leaving a considerable portion of the population vulnerable. Many people living in remote areas lack access to healthcare facilities, resulting in delayed or inadequate treatment. Additionally, diseases such as diabetes and hypertension pose a significant burden, affecting over 11 million Nigerians and requiring regular medication and monitoring.

The physical distance adds an extra layer of complexity, making it even more challenging to ensure the well-being of family members in need. Nigerians in the diaspora often struggle to find a seamless and trusted platform to send money home to cater to their sick or aging relatives. Traditional remittance methods are typically slow, unreliable, and incur high fees, making it difficult for individuals to provide timely support to their loved ones in need. This not only creates financial burdens but also adds to the emotional distress experienced by families who cannot meet the healthcare needs of their relatives back home.

Abike, a young Nurse who recently moved to the United Kingdom, is familiar with these struggles. Abike’s mother, Mrs. Odubayo, lives in Ibadan and is managing diabetes. Abike is constantly concerned about her mother’s access to quality medication and regular health check-ups. Now and then, she is faced with the challenge of getting an exchanger in the UK or risking paying outrageous bank fees to transfer Naira to her elderly mum. Hence, sending money home swiftly and securely to meet her mother’s healthcare needs has been an ongoing challenge for Abike. Her story resonates with countless Nigerians in the diaspora who share similar concerns and frustrations.

Recognizing these obstacles, Wellahealth is leveraging technology to revolutionize long-distance caregiving with its innovative platform, HealthSend. Through the HealthSend wallet, individuals can bridge the gaps between healthcare and remittance services and provide their loved ones with expert medical care, timely updates, and personalized support.

The #SendGoodHealthHome campaign highlights Wellahealth’s mission to provide accessible and reliable healthcare solutions for Nigerians. Through the campaign, Wellahealth aims to empower Nigerians in the diaspora to take an active role in their loved ones’ healthcare journeys, offering peace of mind and the assurance that distance does not hinder their ability to provide quality care.

One pressing concern in Nigeria’s healthcare landscape is the prevalence of fake drugs. In 2021, the Lagos State Government shut down 20 pharmacies for selling counterfeit and expired medications. On the other hand, experts have alleged that Nigeria loses an estimated N200 billion annually to counterfeit medicines, highlighting the urgency for reliable platforms that ensure the authenticity and quality of medications.

“The key challenge is access to quality healthcare for loved ones back home in Nigeria,” Joseph Okoroafor, Marketing & Communications Lead for Wellahealth, said. “Most Nigerians in the diaspora do not trust the health service providers in the country, but would pitch their tents with a provider if they believe that their loved ones will get the best care.”

Wellahealth is committed to tackling these challenges head-on. Transparency of funds, disease management, and peace of mind are some of the benefits of HealthSend. Individuals can trust to purchase genuine medications as the platform partners with certified pharmacies and healthcare providers. Users can also schedule regular visits by a health worker or nurse to their sick or aged family member, receive updates via calls and emails, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive reports. This ensures their loved ones receive safe and effective treatments, safeguarding their well-being.

“HealthSend represents our dedication to revolutionizing healthcare access for Nigerians and their families abroad,” states Dr. Neto Ikpeme, CEO of Wellahealth. “Through our platform, we aim to provide a seamless and trusted solution that addresses critical challenges faced by Nigerians in the diaspora, allowing them to support their loved ones’ health with peace of mind.”

Wellahealth’s approach to healthcare reflects the growth of health-tech startups and of telemedicine in Nigeria. Healthtech startups like Wellahealth through innovative products like Healthsend show remarkable strides in healthcare innovation across Africa. For now, HealthSend is only operational in Nigeria, with plans to expand soon. To support the #SendGoodHealthHome campaign and learn more about the revolutionary HealthSend platform, please visit


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