The Anambra State Government, through its Solution Innovation District (SID) has announced the launch of its software development program called ‘Code Anambra’. This is a comprehensive software development training program aimed at empowering Ndi Anambra with advanced in-demand skills and opportunities in the global tech industry. Code Anambra training program is starting just as the Solution Innovation District in partnership with Microsoft and Wootlab Foundation concludes the training of 20,000 Anambra youths on web design, graphic design, digital marketing, productivity tools and digital entrepreneurship in a program tagged ‘LevelUp Anambra’

Code Anambra is designed to equip Anambra’s talented tech enthusiasts with the knowledge, expertise and practical skills in various software development areas, including Product Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Fullstack Development, and Mobile App Development. This initiative reflects the commitment of Mr. Governor, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR, towards promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation in the state.

Code Anambra is a continuous cohort-based program. It is a four-month program that comprises intensive training, learning, and project phases. The program also includes a two-month internship phase post-training for the top talents.

Code Anambra is open to both indigenes and residents of Anambra State who possess a certain level of proficiency in using computers. By participating in this training program, individuals will have the opportunity to enhance their technical skills and embark on a promising career path within the thriving software development industry.

During the four-month on-site training period, participants will be exposed to a rigorous curriculum developed by industry experts. They will gain hands-on experience, work on real-world projects, and receive mentorship from experienced professionals. Code Anambra program is designed to encourage creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, enabling participants to excel in their chosen software development fields.

Upon the successful completion of the program, top performers will have the unique opportunity to be connected with internship placements in reputable tech companies and organizations. Additionally, outstanding participants could also be considered for job openings, providing them with a direct pathway to employment and contributing to the growth of the local tech ecosystem.

Ms. Chinwe Okoli, Special Adviser to the Governor on Innovation and Business Incubation, expressed her excitement about Code Anambra, stating,

“We are delighted to launch this training program in line with Mr. Governor’s agenda to raise the Anambra Digital Tribe who possess advanced digital skills that are competitive at home and exportable abroad. Our programs at Solution Innovation District are designed to achieve Mr. Governor’s vision of making Anambra the Digital and Creative Capital of Nigeria. We just concluded the training of 20,000 youths in the LevelUp Anambra program and announced the winners of Laptops and Internship Placements. We are committed to empowering Ndi Anambra to take center stage in the global innovation ecosystem.

“Code Anambra program will serve as a catalyst for the growth of the local tech industry by nurturing and developing the next generation of software development talents in Anambra State.
“At Solution Innovation District, we are building the ecosystem to make Anambra State the preferred destination for tech talents, creatives, innovators, inventors and solution providers. We are grooming exportable home-grown digital talents in Anambra and we look forward to witnessing the transformative impact this program will have on the lives of participants, the entrepreneurship and the innovation ecosystem in the state.

To apply for the Code Anambra training program, interested candidates are invited to visit the official application portal at

The application begins on July 1, 2023, and interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications promptly to secure a spot in this highly sought-after program.

Code Anambra program is a significant step towards building a vibrant technology innovation ecosystem in Anambra State. Through this training program, the Anambra State Government through the Solution Innovation District is providing Ndi Anambra, especially the youth, with an exceptional opportunity to acquire priceless skills, unlock their potential, and shape the future of the digital economy in Nigeria.


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