The data analysts at have compiled 10 of the most eye-opening statistics around Google search.

They are:

  1. Google holds 91.7% of the global search engine market. Google’s dominance in the search engine market was clear in 2023, as shown by Google search statistics (StatCounter Global Stats, August 2023). By August 2023, Google held 91.7% of the global search engine market. This majority highlights Google’s consistent leadership in online search, standing far ahead of its competitors. By comparison, Bing was next, holding 3.1%. Other search engines, like Yandex (1.5%), Yahoo! (1.2%), Baidu (1.1%), and DuckDuckGo (0.5%), had smaller market shares. Google search stats from January to August 2023 show the vast difference between Google and others.
  1. Google’s search volume in the U.S. was over twice that of its nearest rival, Microsoft Sites Core Search. In June 2023, Google’s search volume in the U.S. was over twice that of its nearest rival, Microsoft Sites Core Search (Comscore, 2023). Google Sites Core Search had a query volume of 9.2 million. This number confirms Google’s role in managing most online search queries. Microsoft Sites Core Search followed with 4.0 million. Verizon Media had 1.7 million searches, and Ask Network Core Search had 105,000.
  1. Google commands 95.2% of the global mobile search engine market. In 2023, Google’s dominance in the mobile search realm was clear (StatCounter Global Stats, August 2023). By August 2023, Google commanded a staggering 95.2% of the global mobile search engine market. This figure underscores Google’s commitment to optimizing the mobile search experience. Following Google, both Yandex and Baidu held 1.3% of the market. Yahoo! accounted for 0.6%, while Bing and DuckDuckGo each captured 0.5%.
  1. In July 2023, had 85.3 billion visits. Visitors spent about 10 minutes on average. They viewed around 8.6 pages each time, with the bounce rate standing at 28.7% (Similar Web, July 2023).
  1. User satisfaction with Google saw a positive shift between 2022 and 2023. The satisfaction score climbed 7%, from 75 in 2022 to 80 in 2023. This rise highlights Google’s dedication to improving its search algorithms and user experience (ACSI® Search and Social Media Study 2022-2023).
  1. The top organic search result typically receives 19 times more clicks than the top paid search result. The top-paid result has a 2.1% click-through rate (CTR). Yet, it has a 40% higher CTR than the second-ranked paid result, which stands at 1.4% CTR (First Page Sage, 2023).
  1. In 2022, Google’s secured the largest search advertising market share (58%). Google search statistics reveal that the tech giant held 58% of the market share. Following Google were Baidu (15%), Amazon (14%), Bing (6%), and Yahoo! (2%). Other platforms like DuckDuckGo, Haosou 360, Sogou, Yandex, and more each accounted for 1% (Statista Market Insights, 2023).
  1. The U.S. was the top source of traffic to, with 26.7%. India (4.6%), Brazil (4.4%), the UK (3.9%), and Japan (3.9%) were other major contributors(Similar Web, July 2023).
  1. In 2022, 82% of marketers reported that SEO had a positive impact on marketing performance and goals. Furthermore, 92% reported that content marketing had a positive impact, highlighting that SEO content marketing is a channel worth investing in for all companies, regardless of size (Conductor, 2023).
  1. Google was the most trusted for reviews across various industries in 2022. Healthcare led with 66% trust in Google reviews. Beauty and well-being followed at 58%, with entertainment and real estate both at 57%. Professional trades stood at 53%, food and drink at 44%, and accommodation at 42% (Bright Local, 2023).

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