In a concerted effort to foster financial inclusion and bolster the digital payment landscape in Nigeria, fintech companies have been called upon to heighten their engagement in innovative endeavours and craft advanced solutions tailored to meet the expectations of their clientele. Akeem Lawal, the Managing Director of Payment Processing and Switching (Interswitch Purepay), articulated this perspective during the recently concluded Nigeria Fintech Week held at the prestigious Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

In his keynote address titled “Fintech: Resilience, Innovation, and Diversification,” Lawal expounded on the imperative for fintech firms and other financial institutions to not only welcome disruption, but to fearlessly embrace innovation and conceive novel products that align with the requirements of today while simultaneously shaping the landscape of future financial services.

Lawal underscored the significance of fostering collaboration among fintech enterprises to engender novel products, diversify their portfolios, and undertake innovative initiatives to attain scale and spur growth. He remarked, “At Interswitch, we firmly believe that within the realm of fintech, disruption is not a hindrance but an avenue of opportunity. To prosper, we must wholeheartedly embrace disruptive forces, infusing innovation into the very essence of our work. Our expedition toward scaling up and catalyzing growth hinges upon our capability to conceive solutions that empower individuals and businesses.”

Additionally, Lawal conveyed Interswitch’s pride in its involvement in Nigeria Fintech Week, an event devoted to catalyzing a transformative journey for Nigeria’s financial industry.

During the panel discussion themed “Economic Inclusion: Fintech’s Role in Bridging the Gap,” Lanre Adelanwa, Group Head of Mobile Financial Services at Interswitch, provided insights into economic inclusion and how fintech firms can be leveraged to bridge gaps within the financial sector.

Oremeyi Akah, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Interswitch also shed light on the influence of products characterized by robust functionality, seamless accessibility, and a profound emotional connection with customers, illustrating their potential to positively impact business growth.

This year’s edition of Nigeria Fintech Week showcased the remarkable metamorphosis underway in the country’s fintech landscape, significantly reshaping financial services. An array of topics including digital payments, blockchain technology, open banking, financial inclusion, and regulatory frameworks were extensively explored, furnishing attendees with valuable insights and actionable strategies for success.

Nigeria Fintech Week witnessed the participation of a diverse range of stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from various sectors, encompassing fintech start-ups, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies.




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