, a groundbreaking B2B E-commerce platform is set to unveil its transformative approach to African business with a business model that is set to reshape the landscape of African trade by providing a seamless One Stop trading platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and thrive across the continent.

Speaking at a virtual pre-launch press conference, Dennis Reumer, Chief Technical Officer of Zandaux, noted that the idea behind the platform is driven by a mission to empower one billion people in Africa.

He explained that offers African suppliers an unparalleled opportunity to operate within the entire African market. “The platform’s innovative features and commitment to sustainability and inclusivity position it as a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity across Africa,” he said.

Meanwhile, Franck Obambi Ngatse, Chief Executive Officer of Zandaux has said the company’s cutting-edge multi-vendor platform, designed to streamline and enhance B2B transactions across Africa, highlighting its transformative impact on African trade includes facilitating seamless connections, fostering collaboration, and driving economic growth across the continent.

Emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, underscored its dedication to sustainability and inclusivity, ensuring that the platform promotes environmental responsibility and empowers businesses of all sizes,” he noted.

The platform will be officially launched simultaneously in selected three key African markets of Nairobi, Kenya; Johannesburg, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria by December 13, 2023, to mark a significant milestone for the company and the African business ecosystem as a whole.

The Lagos launch will take place at the Continental Hotel, Victoria Island. Register to attend.


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