Some Nigerians have reacted to the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), asking what their vision is for the country’s startup ecosystem. 

NITDA had earlier today requested on X (formerly Twitter) to know the vision of Nigerians on the startup ecosystem. 

“Let’s have a little #StartupTalk What is your vision for the Nigerian startup ecosystem? Share your thoughts and aspirations as we embark on this transformative journey,” it requested. 

But reacting, @Ehys__ said “ That every Nigerian in any part of the country can get access to financial and startup opportunity without knowing anybody in NITDA before getting access and opportunities, that’s is most important criteria to get inspire quality solutions that solves problems in Nigeria. 

Also, @Biz_SolutioneerTo be more community-driven to ensure an all-inclusive, collaborative tech ecosystem that will drive our digital economy. We can build more together. 

@ResPartner  Very promising if the regulators are better trained to understand and appreciate the digital ecosystem. 

For @JetroOlowole,  it is more of a request to NITDA. Hear him: I’m launching my @getDataOrb startup as a public good open source project. DataOrb is an AI-powered Data Lifecycle Management System software to capture, validate, process, store, analyze, visualize and interpret data for Healthcare, Agriculture, Governance and other critical sectors. We’re looking at funding from grants, investors and government institutions utilizing the products. 

@obirule2 also requested, @NITDANigeria I will be glad if you can assist me with a laptop computer to aid my study.

Meanwhile, @drug_disease .  accused NITDA of not keepingh to its promises. He said “Anything from this Agency is always not right. You trained us on Blockchain and kept us with nothing to fall back on”.


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