The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has appointed the Nigerian Minister of Communications, Innovations and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani has been appointed to the Digital Innovation Board of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance for Digital Development.

Dr. Tijani and 17 other eminent individuals, who have all been nominated in their capacity and based on their track record in innovation, will provide strategic guidance, expertise and advocacy for the alliance’s goals and vision.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance for Digital Development was set up to bridge the global digital innovation divide and support ITU members working towards an equitable digital future.

The Alliance will unite Government ministries and specialized agencies, including national regulatory authorities and innovation agencies, Industry and private sector players from the ICT and digital sectors, Academia and the R&D community, Non-governmental and community-based organizations, and civil society, International and intergovernmental organizations and Development banks and donors from among ITU-D Membership and beyond.

Also, the Alliance offers a new approach to bridging the Digital Innovation Divide and empowering ITU-D membership to overcome challenges on their path through digital transformation – unlock their digital potential, build local capabilities in innovation and entrepreneurship, and accelerate their ecosystems’ impact on cross-cutting sectors for an inclusive and sustainable society.

The Alliance will enable transformational projects fostering digital innovation and entrepreneurship for national, regional and global impact.


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