As part of the activities to celebrate this year’s Safer Internet Day, the Internet Society Nigeria Chapter (ISOC) today set up Safer Internet Day project hubs, where children especially in secondary school are trained and nurtured about the basis of the ethical, responsible and safe use of the Internet across Nigeria. The hubs are in Ogun, Jos, Yola, Abuja, Sokoto and Calabar.

The creation of the hubs, according to the President of Internet Society Nigeria Chapter, Engr. Kunle Olorundare, is a significant milestone and a bold new initiative that speaks volumes about ISOC’s commitment to inclusivity, responsible use of the Internet and the relentless pursuit of creating a digital space that is used for training teachers and young ones who are vulnerable in the Internet space.

“Today, we celebrate a truly significant milestone: the successful launch of six temporary hubs across Nigeria in recognition of Safer Internet Day 2024,” he said today while giving his remark in a hybrid live webcast that the chapter organized to sensitize young Nigerians on safety measures that should be taken while using the Internet.

To nurture children about Internet safety, the hubs were manned by the Executive Committee members of ISOC Nigeria and some ISOC volunteers across the country during the February 6, 2024, Safer Internet Day.

Engr. Kunle Olorundare, President of Internet Society Nigeria Cpater

Safer Internet Day stands for something fundamental: empowering minds and protecting rights in the digital ecosystem. The chosen theme for this year’s edition is “Empowering Minds, Protecting Rights: Creating a Safer Digital Africa,”.

This theme echoes the collective voice of the Africa Safer Internet Day Community and Child Online Africa and aligns perfectly with the global community of Safer Internet Day theme, “Together for a Better Internet,” reminding us that the responsibility for a safe online space lies not with one entity, but with all of us, united in purpose. Trainings were conducted on how to identify fake news, online safety tips, cybersecurity, responsible/ethical use of the Internet, dealing with cyber bullying.

The President while coordinating the live webcast in which the six hubs were linked together for a highly interactive session on responsible and safe use of the Internet, pointed out that the Internet has become the crude oil of the 21st century. Most of our day-to-day activities are carried out online and it will not be out of place to keep talking about how to keep ourselves safe online, especially the vulnerable ones.



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