QNET has won three distinguished categories at the 11th annual PR  Awards, demonstrating its prowess in crisis management, corporate strategy and technological innovation.

Apart from setting new standards for excellence in Direct Selling, the awards are a remarkable acknowledgment of its excellence in public relations and communications for the leading lifestyle and wellness direct selling company.

The three awards are:

Silver Award for Best Corporate Strategy – An endorsement for QNET’s Fingreen financial literacy programme that has been rolled out in three countries over the last 18 months and has helped over 7000 people, including college students, homemakers, street vendors, and female small traders, with the tools they need to take charge of their financial future.

Silver Award for Best Use of Technology – An important recognition for QNET’s QBuzz Blog, an innovative platform that leverages technology to foster community engagement and provide insightful company and industry content.

Bronze Award for Best Crisis Management Strategy – Celebrating the success of the “Truth About QNET” campaign, which effectively navigated the company through challenging times with transparency and integrity.

The PR Awards, renowned for highlighting the best in the PR and communications sector across South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, saw entries from the most prominent brands and organisations in the region. An independent panel of senior industry experts from leading brands selected this year’s winners, underscoring the credibility and prestige of the awards.

Commenting, Trevor Kuna, Chief Transformation & Reputation Officer at QNET said: “We are profoundly honored by the recognition at the PR Awards 2024, which reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovative strategies, and our commitment to providing outstanding value to our customers. These awards are a testament to our team’s hard work and ingenuity, and they motivate us to continue setting new benchmarks in the industry.”

QNET’s success at the PR Awards is a celebration of its achievements and a promise to its stakeholders of its dedication to excellence and innovation. As the company looks forward to future challenges and opportunities, it remains committed to upholding the industry’s highest standards of quality and service.


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