Data made available by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has shown that the number of registered .ng domain names has surpassed 225,533, showcasing the increasing popularity of this digital identity for Nigerian businesses and individuals.

This was disclosed by NiRA President, Adesola Akinsanya who led a team at ICANN80 meeting in Kigali, Rwanda.

According to him, this milestone highlights NiRA’s commitment to promoting .ng domain adoption and fostering Nigeria’s digital space.

“Growing to 225,000 .ng domain name registrations underscores the domain’s significance and its role in establishing a strong digital identity for businesses and individuals alike,” he said.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Surpassing 225,000 Registrations: A newly launched dashboard by NiRA allows for real-time tracking of .NG domain registrations, which have grown significantly since the beginning of the year.
  • Growing Popularity: The .NG domain is gaining traction for websites and email addresses, establishing a strong online presence for Nigerians.
  • Streamlined Registration: NiRA leverages a three-pronged approach (Registry, Registrar, Registrant) with over 100 registrars to facilitate a smooth domain registration process for the public.
  • Enhancing Digital Identity: Akinsanya emphasizes the importance of .NG domains in creating a robust digital identity for both businesses and individuals.
  • Brand Survey and Recognition: NiRA is conducting a survey [link removed due to privacy concerns] to gauge user awareness and adoption of .NG domains. They encourage participation to gain valuable insights.
  • Rousing Applause: NiRA’s dedication received enthusiastic recognition at ICANN80, highlighting their passion for advancing Nigeria’s digital landscape.

This news signifies positive growth for Nigerian internet identity and reflects NiRA’s commitment to its continued development.

Meanwhile, NiRA is currently conducting the .ng brand survey [] to gauge the awareness and adoption levels of the .ng domain among internet users in Nigeria.



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