Data presented by has shown that ChatGPT is still far from widespread usage, with less than 10% of people who use it daily.

The release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT marked a turning point for the AI industry. The chatbot, which became the fastest-growing app in history with 100 million users in just two months, turned artificial intelligence into one of the biggest stories in 2023. It also drew much attention from VC investors who injected billions of dollars into its owner, OpenAI. However, the enormous public interest and influx of venture capital didn’t translate into actual usage.

While ChatGPT’s adoption remains limited, access to this and other advanced AI tools is expanding. Platforms like BotHub are emerging to address this gap, providing a centralized hub for ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E, and more. This allows users to explore a range of AI applications, from text generation and image creation to code development. But what is the current landscape of AI adoption, and what factors are shaping its trajectory? Let’s examine the data.

According to YouGov’s survey conducted for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in six countries between March and April 2024, only one in ten people use ChatGPT daily. Even respondents in the youngest age group, aged 18 to 24, said they were not using OpenAI’s chatbot regularly. Most of them, or 18%, use it every week. Monthly users comprise 12% of all respondents in this age group; 17% said they have used it only once or twice, while 9% claim they use it daily. This means 44% of Gen Z-ers have not used ChatGPT even once.

The difference between causal, heavy and no usage is even more significant in older age groups. For instance, only 6% of Millennials claim to use ChartGPT daily, opposite to 15% who have used it only once or twice, and 58% who have never used it. Heavy usage, as in at least weekly consultation of ChatGPT, drops to only 3% in the oldest age group of 55 + year-olds, while 87% of respondents in this group have not used ChatGPT even once.

Although ChatGPT is still far from widespread usage, its owner, OpenAI, has greatly benefited from its popularity. According to CB Insight’s analysis, OpenAI is the most funded AI startup in the world, and most of the VC capital was injected into the company after the release of its flagship product.

So far, OpenAI raised over $14 billion in capital through partnerships with Microsoft and other investments. Moreover, statistics show that ChatGPT owner alone raised more money than the next seven AI companies on CB Insight`s list, including Anthropic, Databricks, and Shield AI.

With $14 billion of fresh capital poured into its business, OpenAI has climbed to the top of the global unicorn club. Valued at $80 billion, the ChatGPT maker is now the world’s third most valuable unicorn company behind ByteDance and SpaceX and ahead of Chinese e-commerce giant SHEIN or the US payments provider Stripe.


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