TD Africa, a distributor of cutting-edge technology solutions in Africa, splashed at the recent Huawei Connect 2024 held at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg. Themed “Accelerate Industrial Intelligence,” the event brought together policymakers, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders to celebrate outstanding partners and unveil new solutions.

TD Africa walked away with multiple awards, a testament to their exceptional performance across various areas:

  • Unmatched After-Sales Support: Recognized for their commitment to customer satisfaction through exceptional after-sales services.
  • Exceptional Distribution Network: Applauded for a deep understanding of the African market, extensive network reach, and strong relationships across the continent.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Skills Development: Awarded for equipping partners and resellers with the necessary expertise to sell and support Huawei products effectively.

These awards, including “Authorized Service Centre in Africa,” “Distributor Partner of the Year,” and “Training Partner of the Year,” solidify TD Africa’s position as a trusted partner and a key driver of Huawei’s success in Africa. Their dedication to service, distribution excellence, and skills development aligns perfectly with the broader collaboration and capacity-building themes that defined Huawei Connect 2024.

Commenting on the recognition, Chioma Chimere, Coordinating Managing Director at TD Africa, highlighted the importance of collaboration in driving digital transformation and bridging the digital divide. She cited their existing “Technology as a Service (TaaS)” initiative, which allows SMEs to embrace digitalization by converting upfront costs into manageable operational expenses.

“TD Africa is committed to empowering Africa. We will continue to drive initiatives that make transformational technologies accessible, affordable, and usable for individuals and businesses across the continent,” she said.

Meanwhile, Huawei has emphasized its commitment to developing digital talent in Africa through collaborations and initiatives that unlock the region’s digital potential. The company also showcased advanced cloud computing solutions designed to empower businesses with scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Huawei Unveils New Solutions

Huawei showcased a range of innovative solutions spanning the public sector, finance, power, and intelligent services. These included the Xinghe Intelligent Network Solution, Xinghe Intelligent Campus, Xinghe Intelligent Fabric, Xinghe Intelligent WAN, and Xinghe Intelligent Network Security.

According to Leon Wang, President of Huawei’s data communications product line, “These comprehensive offerings leverage AI technology and the Net5.5G target architecture to address the evolving needs of businesses in the intelligent era.”

Equipping Africa for the Digital Future

The conference delved into the transformative power of AI and cloud technologies across various sectors. A key takeaway was the call for governments and employers to equip their workforce with the necessary digital skills, echoing TD Africa’s commitment to skills development. Panyaza Lesufi, Premier of Gauteng Province, South Africa, emphasized the need for embracing digital transformation to enhance service delivery and remain competitive in the global arena.

By working together, organizations like TD Africa and Huawei can empower Africa to thrive in the digital age.


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