Small, medium, or large businesses looking to explore how Generative AI (GenAI) can enhance their operations without the complexity of technical setups, can now heave a sigh of relief.


Neural AI, a Lagos-based provider of essential support to organizations intending to build and deploy Large Language Models (LLMs), has developed and launched a composable, ready-to-use data and AI compute infrastructure called REACTOR.


Chidera Anyanebechi, the general manager of NeuRaL AI told journalists on Monday that NeuRaL AI’s REACTOR simplifies everything with no self-hosting required, no need to construct and manage complex infrastructure and no operation of machine learning pipelines, caching, or query engines.


The startup also said that with REACTOR, companies do not require management of tens to hundreds of gigabytes of data nor are expensive AI engineers or operations teams necessary.


“What we have developed is assuring businesses that no expertise in data science or machine learning is needed to benefit from GenAI. AI has become a leveler for all businesses irrespective of size”, she said. “We handle all the heavy lifting for you”.


According to Anyanebechi, the comprehensive Neural AI architecture gives the user access to a dedicated “Metal Vault” within its virtual compute cluster data center (REACTOR) which includes a dedicated IP and a user-friendly interface.


“We manage everything for you, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance. We will guide you through the entire process shown in the diagram and provide training for your team on how to use the system.


“All this is available starting at just N99k per month (excluding VAT)”.


“Regardless of your industry or company size, from a team of 5 to a workforce of 5000, we can demonstrate how GenAI RAG can help your business achieve more”.


“Additionally, if your company is based in Lagos, we invite you to host us for a 1-hour GenAI adoption workshop tailored to your specific environment and use cases, completely free of charge. For companies outside Lagos, we can arrange a virtual session”, she said.


The NeuRaL AI founder added that developers and software companies looking to build AI apps for their customers can leverage REACTOR to host their custom model trained on their own data for the monthly fee of 99k.


“We don’t charge per token as a lot of others do which brings down the cost considerably. It’s a win-win situation”, Anyanebechi said.


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