Leading technology blog in Nigeria, CFAtech.ng is empowering entrepreneurs for the seven consecutive months through its monthly program, CFA’s Startups Hangout.

The July Edition of the program which held weekend, at Adna Hotel, Ikeja had in attendance startups spanning a different segment of the industry.

Speaking at the CFA’s Startups Hangout, Omo Clark, CEO, iBez Solutions, a Software Development Company, congratulated efforts by CFAtech to empower startups through such a laudable initiative.

Narrating her experiences of the tech industry, the software developer said having the knowledge of coding is just one step out of ten to be regarded as a software developer, stressing that lots of written code lines do not undergo testing to decipher their functionalities.

She said software development is a gradual process that involves analysis and testing which is something that is fundamentally lacking in Nigeria because codes written by some Nigerians do not have value propositions.

“I see a lot of Nigerians learning how to write codes without any purpose or even value proposition, and they think that would be enough to start running a software company.

“Even if you are writing codes, she said. “Get them tested, analyzed and ascertained to solve the problems intended before hitting the market.”

She advised that having the overall knowledge of how to run businesses is a fundamental to starting up a company as the knowledge of code may not be necessary.

“I have operated many businesses including technology, but I do not know how to write codes, all I do is to communicate my idea, what I want and how I wanted it to be done,” the Founder of TechPreneur Africa, Bolaji Finnih said at the CFA’s Startups Hangout.

According to Bolaji, entrepreneurship in Nigeria should move from the necessity stage to innovation stage, and it’s all about more of what is not being done than what is done.

He maintained that lots of businesses are springing up in Nigeria at a faster pace than before but do not scale up, saying that they go into extinction at the early stages.

“Scaling your business is important, if you don’t understand business fundamentals and fail to control the value chain, you will grow your business to a particular stage, and it will stop growing,”

He advised that if any entrepreneur should understand sales and marketing such entrepreneur will be 80 percent ahead of their competitors, charging startups to leverage online resources to know what sales and marketing are all about.

Continuing, he urged entrepreneurs to identify one particular service or product and focus on it, “because the lack of focus is one of the greatest challenges faced by startups in Nigeria.

He added: “When you are focused, there will be fewer distractions.

In his closing remarks, the founder of CFAtech.ng, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, expressed happiness concerning the partnership with TAMS Nigeria having sponsored the July edition of the hangout.

He also showed appreciation for the media coverage provided by some of the media partners.


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