The Nigerian Government through the Federal Ministry of Communications has adopted the Nigerian Mobile Economy Summit Expo (NIMES).

The Minister of Communication Barrister Adebayo Shittu, who endorsed the event tagged NIMES 2017 gave assurance on the Nigerian government’s support for the programme.

According to him, “I am pleased to adopt the Nigerian Mobile Economy Summit and Expo 2017 scheduled for December 7. I can assure you that the government would do everything you and other like-minded organizations would need to support your initiatives and consequently advance the growth and development of ICT industry in Nigeria. I will therefore appreciate to be acquainted with the update of the preparation for guidance as time goes on.”

The Nigerian Mobile Economy Summit Expo will take place at the Oriental hotel Lagos on December 7. The event is a brainchild of Bayero Agabi’s Transatlantic Media Company, TMC.

The ace ICT cum broadcast journalist says the event goes beyond just another economic summit. According to him, the endorsement and adoption of NIMES by the Federal Government of Nigeria, has made it a national event that everyone can be proud of.

“NIMES has become a platform for everyone.  The financial sector, manufacturing sector and the creative sector will come together under the umbrella of the Federal government of Nigeria. This is to ensure that they can get the financier that they require. The government policies can be reshaped if they are not good enough. NIMES is a tripod platform for the government, the business community and the innovators to come together and dialogue on how to shape the economy. You must understand that, the digital economy is no longer a part of the economy; it is now the economy. Today, if you are not in the digital realm, you are not doing business.

This means, digital has become the economy. That is what NIMES stands for and it is the reason why the Federal Government of Nigeria is endorsing and adopting it to ensure that everyone doing business and wants to ensure his or her business is optimized in terms of profitability and knowledge that is where you have to be,” he said.

Speaking further, convener of the event, Dr. Bayero Agabi says, “NIMES is a combination of all other industries who are already using technology and to challenge those who are not applying technology. It is a platform for us to grow fast,”  he concluded.



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