The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), partnered with the Senate Committee on Communications to organise the annual retreat for the legislature last week in Lagos.

In the retreat, which was very interesting, we parse some of the things we learnt below.

Yetunde Akinloye, Head Legal and Regulatory Services NCC
  1. The Nigerian Communications Commission showed a concrete expression to its most renowned tradition of Stakeholder Collaboration, Consultation and Engagement.
  2. The retreat stamped Nigeria’s resolve to improving the socio-economic development of the nation through qualitative telecommunication services.
  3. NCC’s culture of consultation and collaboration has helped many telecom stakeholders to stay abreast of developments in the telecom sector.
  4. The Nigerian legislatures appear committed to working with NCC for a deeper and more concrete collaboration that will enable telecommunication to play its central role in the nation’s development processes.
  5. Nigeria is solemn with the issue of data protection law in the country in view of the rise in tempo and sophistication of electronic transaction fraud.
  6. The Nigerian Communications Commission Act 2003, may be amended by the legislatures to intervene with some of the challenges of the telecom industry. Chiefly is the inclusion of telecom infrastructure as critical government assets into the Act.
  7. The government realizes the important role telecom is playing in advancing Nigeria’s social and economic prosperity.
Omoniyi Ibietan, Head Online Media and Special Publications NCC; and Senator Adeleke

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