The Chief Executive Officer, Oracle Nigeria, Adebayo Sanni, has predicted that, blockchain will emerge as a transformational technology in 2018, while Internet ofThings will evolve from individual components to an integrated platform; and regulated industries will move to the cloud en masse.

According to Sanni, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also cement its place in enterprises, arguing that by the end of this year, most customer support will be conducted by chatbots.

“With IDC projecting the country’s ICT market to grow to $10billion in 2018; Nigeria is fast emerging as the hotbed of technological innovation in Africa, and we are working with customers that sit right on the edge of this potential,” he said.

He added that in a market defined by growth, development and change, Oracle Nigeria has focused on redefining the capabilities of cloud, the potential of technology and the relevance of innovation. From the ubiquity of next-generation cloud to the reliability of blockchain. “We will continue to invest in solutions and services that will help bring transformational change for our customers,” he assured.


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