Nigerian-based healthcare startup, (, has been listed among 1,250 selected startups for the fourth ‎cycle of The Tony Elumelu Foundation’s (TEF) 10-year, $100 million TEF Entrepreneurship Programme. was selected out of a record-breaking 151,000 applications, submitted by 1,250 talented Africans entrepreneurs.

Confirming the selection, the Founder of, Opeoluwa Daniel Folukoya, said, “To be selected among this group of extremely brilliant & gifted entrepreneurial minds is a validation of our business idea, business model and vision for healthcare in Nigeria as a whole.

“We are confident that with the backing and support of the Tony Elumelu Foundation juggernaut, 1Dokita will continue to pioneer the future of healthcare through technology in Africa with Nigeria leading the way.

“One of our biggest problems in Nigeria is knowing when to self-medicate and when to seek medical attention. As I have personally experienced, this is the difference between life and death. And it is why for every Nigerian man, woman, boy & girl, 1Dokita is your personal health companion, a lifeline, bringing the world of healthcare into the palm of your hands.

“Remember, all you need is 1Dokita” he said enthusiastically. was founded by Dr. Opeoluwa Daniel Folukoya with its main focus on improving healthcare accessibility: access to healthcare services, healthcare data & intelligent healthcare solutions.


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