The multiple-award-wining ITRealms Online, a publication ofDigitalSENSE Africa Media group would on Monday, March 26, debut with Talking Biometrics @ITRealms with Dr. Ken, a weekly online column to provide biometric education and associated electronic identity resources.

Talking Biometrics @ITRealms with Dr. Ken, features valuable awareness on biometric identification and verification technologies and electronic identity systems, and shall provide a mix of biometric system fundamentals and the application of related digital identities on the global scene, according to the Group Executive Editor at DigitalSENSE Africa Media, Mr. Remmy Nweke.

For the columnist, Dr. Kenneth Okereafor, the goal is to promote and foster requisite education on biometric technology concepts, trends, challenges and applications with a focus on data protection, system security and efficiency.

“The column is designed to constantly provide fresh insights into the science of electronic authentication systems as well as best practices in the use of biometrics for both identification and authentication,” he said.

He assured that the resources published in Talking Biometrics @ITRealms with Dr. Ken,promises to be truly beneficial to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals, practitioners and scholars, cybersecurity experts and educators, solution integrators, biometric database managers, biometric enthusiasts, scientists, researchers and every person, organization or group involved in promoting, managing, funding or keeping custody of biometric assets in the academia, government or industry.

The concepts and resources provided on this column, he said are solely for educational purposes and shall not be interpreted as product promotion, neither shall they be an endorsement or recommendation of any specific vendor or group of vendors.

Dr. Okereafor professional profile depicts an accomplished ICT professional and cybersecurity expert with over 20 years experience in Enterprise ICT innovation management in private and public sector computing.

He holds dual PhD degrees in Computer Science (Cybersecurity & Biometrics) and Management (ICT Administration and Governance) with a first class Electronic & Telecommunications Engineering background.

He is a United Nations-trained Network Security Specialist and is proficient in Network Optimization, Data Protection, Biometric Systems and Digital Forensics.

Okereafor has published many works, contributed to several national ICT assignments and participated at many international technology events. He has strong research interests in digital innovations, cloud security, biometric liveness detection and green computing; and may be reached at


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