Buying a car in Nigeria with the present economic reality is not easy, and so losing it in the hands of criminals will be very painful. A car tracking device is extremely important

1. Monitors the location of your vehicles- This comes in handy when you have kids who are learning to drive, under the care of a driver or when your car is stolen.

2. Tracks fuel consumption- This depends on the type of device you want to install.

3. Provides information about your vehicle(s). Location (with street address), speed, driving behaviour , including where the car has been in the past (one day,two days , one month ,6months) etc

4. Improves routing operations and better customer service- This is for commercial cars. Car services like Uber , taxify can use their car tracking devices to monitor their drivers, routes and provide better customer service. It also helps avoid traffic, making it extremely important for an city like Lagos, Abuja , Enugu , Portharcourt, Kano , Kaduna etc

5. Reduces overall cost- Car tracking devices increase visibility, thereby making it easy to quickly see which vehicles are wasting expensive fuel by excessive idling.

6. Helps you avoid parking trouble- Car tracking devices can help you find parking spots instantly, and also help you locate your vehicle as quickly as possible in large parking lots!

7. The panic” button- This is my personal favorite reason to have a car tracking device. According to Streetdirectory, this button can do everything from a fender bender, unlocking your car when you lock yourself out, to carjacking. Also, the GPS carrier can hear what is happening and communicate with the driver when this button is pushed. Thereby, making it easy for them to contact the authorities for you if you are in trouble.



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