Nigeria’s largest system integration company, CWG Plc has been confirmed as one of the companies licensed by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to participate in the procurement of prepaid meters in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).

CWG announced the receipt of the license in Lagos through a statement by its Group Head, Brand & Marketing Communications, Mrs. Anthonia Ehanmo. According to the statement, CWG will proceed to obtain Meter Asset Provider Permit from the NERC after entering into Metering Service Agreement with Electricity Distribution Companies. The Meter Asset Provider Permit allows CWG and other licensees to finance, procure, install, repair and even replace electricity meters according to the MAP Regulations 2018.

CWG Plc, as part of efforts to address power challenges in Nigeria, initiated and designed a ‘Smart Metering Solution’ which works in the form of a connected mobile app for electricity consumers – both the Maximum Demand Customers (MDCs) and the Non-maximum Demand Customers (NDCs).

The Smart Meter, according to CWG is part of a larger plan for the Company’s Smart Utilities platform that is keyed into Government’s smart initiatives, noting that the solution makes it possible for the Power Distribution companies to detect power theft, monitor and measure usage for improved power efficiencies.

The solution is designed in such a way that it alerts the power companies with the precise location where the theft is occurring in near real time, not more than three minutes after it happens, without requiring large technology equipment or complex and expensive algorithms to decipher them. This is another innovation out of the stables of CWG Plc



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