By Martin Ekpeke

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)’s website has been declared the best in the government  Ministry, Department and Agency category at the Maiden Edition of Nigerian Online Merit Award, NiOMA, held in Lagos on Friday.

Narrating how the NCC’s website was adjudged the best, the organisers of the award, News Express Online noted that NCC won the award, given that its website stands out among other websites in the MDA category. The organizer said apart from its unique and aesthetic design, the website is the most interactive, when compared with those of other MDA’s. “In a survey conducted on the MDA’s websites, NCC web presents the most interactive, current, relevant and error-free site,” the organisers argued.

It added that the response to visitors on the NCC website, was consistently found to be within the threshold of globally acceptable turnaround time, when it was tested and it also surpassed those of the other MDA’s in the effective use of social media.

“NCC makes effective use of its social media in the management of its audience, which cuts across diverse demographics. Its social channels – Facebook page, Twitter handle and Instagram record huge followership”, the organisers observed.

The award was received on behalf of the regulatory commission by its Head of Information Technology, Engr. Abraham Oshadami.

Oshadami, while acknowledging the award on behalf of the Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, said the NCC is delighted to be recognized as a result of how the agency has leveraged its website to reach out to Nigerians.

“We are delighted with the award tonight. It shows what we are doing with our website to educate the general public about telecommunications is being noticed,” a visibly happy Oshadami said.

The official website of the Nigerians Communications Commission (NCC), was earlier this year adjudged the overall best in Nigeria in the Ministry, Department and Agency (MDA) category of the 2017 edition of the highly coveted Web Jurist Awards, organized by Phillips Consulting in Lagos.


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