The GSMA has disclosed that mobile ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa will contribute 8 percent to the Gross Domestic Product of Sub-Saharan Africa by 2022, representing $150 billion in value to the economy.

This indicates an increase when mobile technology services contributed 7.1 percent, representing $110 billion of economic value in 2017.

According to GSMA, the gains come as countries continue to benefit from improvements in productivity and efficiency, particularly due to the increase in mobile internet adoption.

Some 3 million jobs were supported by the industry in 2017, and it contributed almost $14 billion to public sector funding in the form of taxation and sector-specific levies on the consumption of mobile services.

“The industry is delivering a Digital Africa, a connected region where mobile is positively impacting society, the economy and helping to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. The industry is committed to connecting everyone and everything to a better future – this truly is the digital age for Africa,” said John Giusti, GSMA Chief Regulatory Officer.


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