A technology education company, Edufirst, yesterday launched a campaign, it described as revolutionary that will help address the poor standard of education in Nigeria  leveraging the power of the Information and Communications Technology.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign at the company’s corporate office in Lagos, Moses Imayi, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skool Media, Edufirst’s parent company noted that the campaign became necessary owing to the decay in the Nigerian educational system.

He argues that the standard of education must be raised in Nigeria, so that its citizens can compete favourably among their peers globally.

“What we are doing with this campaign is to leverage the power of technology to rejig the standard of education in Nigeria. “As a business, we are poised to reinforce the need for quality education in the Nigerian landscape, hence our decision to commence a campaign focused on “Raising the Standard of Education in Nigeria,”he assured.

The campaign, according to him will stimulate learning among Nigerians, change the narrative of the Nigerian Education sector to bridge the gap and enhancing the standard of Education in Nigeria while advocating for an all-inclusive education system.

The key aims of the campaign, which is expected to last for six months are to reinforce the need for quality education for all and making quality education a priority for both public and private schools

The campaign seeks to address the need for improvement of educational standards, leveraging the power of technology to transform and make teaching/learning fun and productive.

To identify and establish partnership with relevant organisations and institutions for the advancement of quality education for the Nigerian child.

In the course of the campaign, the Edufirst platform is expected to be unveiled as an online platform that allows for student-teacher collaboration, online assessment, students records management, scholarship information, study abroad opportunities and unique education contents.

The Edufirst platform provides schools, parents and other stakeholders the opportunity to access a rich directory of schools and relevant educational programme.

Edufurst is a subsidiary of Skool Media. In the recent past, it has jointly set up experience centers in over twenty federal government and unity schools across the six geopolitical zones.  These centers provide a wide range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics content to students and teachers.


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