Social media giant, Facebook has partnered Nigeria’s Paradigm Initiative to run workshops on safe Internet use in Kano, Lagos and Aba.

The partnership is keyed into this year’s World Internet Safer day, where Facebook’s Safe Online trainers will run two-hour workshops in both PIN’s LIFE Centers and at schools in Kano and Lagos for the initiative.

“Working with Facebook on online safety aligns with our focus on driving digital inclusion and educating the youth about their digital rights,” said Tope Ogundipe, Director of Programs at Paradigm Initiative Nigeria.

She noted that the programme promises to equip the children who participate with skills and knowledge that will enable them to make confident use of the Internet in their day to day lives.

The commemoration of the Safer Internet Day  in line with Facebook’s commitment to building a safer online world for all. The campaign aligns with the Safer Internet Day call to action – “Together for a better internet” – by joining hands with more than 20 non-profit organisations and government agencies. The campaign aims to raise awareness about Internet safety and security concerns such as cyber bullying and cyber-crime.

“We know that safety is a shared conversation, which is why we are excited to be working with so many stakeholders around the continent to make the Internet a better place,” says Sherry Dzinoreva, Public Policy Programs Lead at Facebook Africa. “Together, with Safer Internet Day as a platform, we can address emerging online concerns, so that people and especially children and the youth, can get the most from their Internet experience.”


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