Efforts to get Nigeria rid of all forms of Electronic Waste is gradually getting some tractions, as Nigerian U-Recycle Initiative, will join other countries around the world to celebrate Global Recycling Day.

This is a move aimed at celebrating the power of recycling and make the world think ‘resource not waste. Thus, U-Recucle, a team of young people aimed at promoting a recycling culture in Nigeria, is set to host Nigeria’s first major Global Recycling Day event in Lagos.

The event, which is an initiative of the Global Recycling Foundation, is part of multiple activities taking place in all continents around the world in countries including the USA, South Africa, the UK, India, Dubai and Australia.

According to the Global Recycling Foundation President Ranjit Baxi: “We are thrilled to be partnering with U-Recycle Initiative to launch the first major Global Recycling Day event in Lagos, Nigeria. Recycling is a global issue and every one of us, in every corner of the world, must consider how we can encourage better recycling habits. By launching events and celebrating the power of recycling across the globe, we can encourage the world to think ‘resource not waste’, and help to promote a more sustainable future for our children.”

Also, the U-Recycle Initiative’s event, will take place on 18th March 2019 and is centred around the theme ‘Recycling into the Future’, focusing on the power of youth and education in ensuring a better future for our planet.

Global Recycling Day was formed in 2018 to champion and encourage the world to celebrate the benefits of recycling. U-Recycle Initiative, sponsored by The Nigerian Child Initiative, Wildlife Africa Conservation Initiative and Lagos Lagoonkeepers, runs workshops and programmes in Nigerian schools with the aim of educating children about the value of recycling. Their Global Recycling Day event, taking place between 10am – 4pm on 18th March 2019 in Ndubuisi Kanu Park Ikeja, is fun-fair style event with a host of activities.


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