A Nigerian startup has unveiled PhantFashion, an innovative online fashion directory that seeks to bridge the gap between fashion designers, dealers, and potential customers.

PhantFashion provides the technology that enables Nigerians to easily access fashion. By simply logging in, users can choose their desired fabric and utilize advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to design and customize their clothing.

This innovative process involves a simple step of standing in front of a camera. Once the design is finalized by the listed and verified tailors, they are promptly delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

However, to get started which is free of charge, tailors need to visit phantfashion.com and follow a simple selection process, including necessary verifications. Once the registration is approved, tailors gain access to upload their designs and await orders from customers.

Founded in 2019 by Nigerian entrepreneurs Etimbuk Udoekong (CEO), Edumobong Mathew (CTO), and Chukwuka Madumere (Brand Manager), PhantFashion provides a platform that fosters connections, nurtures creativity, and delivers valuable services to fashion designers and entrepreneurs in the clothing and textile sector.

Etimbuk emphasized that PhantFashion’s primary goal is to inspire creativity within the fashion industry by showcasing the professionalism, craftsmanship, and products of talented designers to a wide range of prospective clients.

He said PhantFashion goes beyond providing exposure and brand awareness for designers; it also offers a multitude of additional benefits.

“Through their online platform and dedicated offline sales team, they are dedicated to boosting sales for designers.

Additionally, their influential blog platform attracts a significant number of visitors, thereby expanding the potential customer base for designers.”

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Etimbuk highlighted that every user on PhantFashion has complete control over their accounts, enabling them to make necessary adjustments as and when needed.

Furthermore, users can effortlessly share their profiles with friends and potential clients worldwide, facilitating orders and allowing for personalized design customization to suit individual preferences.

In addition to the exposure and brand awareness, Chukwuka Madumere, the Brand Manager, emphasized that PhantFashion provides an opportunity for users to upload different materials and fabrics, enabling them to choose their preferred combinations.

“We offer a wide range of customization choices, empowering users to personalize designs within the parameters they set. Furthermore, we provide the flexibility to temporarily disable the visibility of your shop when overwhelmed with orders, preventing new orders until you are ready to accept them again,” he explained.

CTO Edumobong Mathew stated that PhantFashion was established with the primary objective of fostering strong relationships between fashion designers and their customers.

“We aim to address common challenges faced by designers in terms of delivery, pricing, and order handling while exposing them to a vast pool of potential clients.

“Our role is not to regulate, but to assist designers and tailors in meeting their expectations and achieving success in their businesses,” he emphasized.


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