Some 37 Nigerians who were admitted into the CWG Academy three months ago yesterday graduated, after going through intensive practical learning experience from experts, who have been inspiring them to develop and compete among their peers anywhere in the world.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony at the company’s corporate headquarter in Lagos, the Academy Director, Mr. Effiong Emmanuel, expressed satisfaction with the level of hand-on training impacted on the students.

An excited Effiong, noted that in the last decade, the Academy has continued as part of CWG’s effort to Nation building and tackling the Nigerian unemployment quagmire, taught many Nigerians what is obtainable in the outside world. He stressed that ultimately, some Nigerians who can be described as real Tech Guru have emerged from the Academy.

“What the Academy does is to offer practical learning experience from experts, who inspire graduates to develop and deploy ICT solutions. We create the know-how and confidence needed to be the next set of Tech-leaders in Nigeria as we believe doing this will continue to create jobs for other Nigerians riding on technology,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the graduands Mary-Jane U. Ilozor who spoke to Journalists said the experience so far has been overwhelming, as the training she has received has developed her and ready to make a mark in the global ICT industry.

She said, being a female, her case is peculiar as not many of her mates did not develop interest even though they got the information about the Academy same time. “I signed up for the Academy to become an IT expert and to be up to date with the current trends in the IT world. From what I have seen and learned here, it is safe to say CWG Academy is a fast-growing Academy and it has taken me to the next level of my life,” she said.

The Academy deals with four core areas of the Information and Communications Technology ecosystem. They are Advance Service management, Data Centre Infrastructure Services, IT Infrastructure & Cloud Platform and Software Training.

It admits Nigerian graduates, who are interested in advancing their technology exposure every year. After admitting them, CWG’s ICT experts train and inspire graduates to develop, deploy, manage & support technology solutions in Information and Communications Technology. The Academy students also have the opportunity to participate in the many technology deployment initiatives of the business, like the ATM as a Service concept, as they are well sought after by many, locally & internationally.

The CWG Academy, a brain-child of the CWG Founder, Austin Okere; whose passion to give back led to the setup of a hands-on training division has resourcefully trained and develop over 1,500 Professionals since inception almost a decade ago, equipping them to compete favorably among their global peers.

The next Academy session starts January 27, 2020.


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