The maiden edition of the Digital Church Conference’, which is being championed by ChurchPlus, a church management solution that is specifically designed to ease the process of church administration and management, will hold in February 2020 in Lagos.

The theme of the conference is “Disruptive digital technology and the Church”. Speaking to journalists about the proposed programme, the Founder of ChurchPlus, Mr. Peter Ihesie, said, “We are excited to introduce this conference”.

Ihesie disclosed that the aim is to bridge the gap between the Church and technology by exploring digital disruptions in churches and how the Nigerian church can leverage technology to optimize operational efficiency.

“The conference will equip participants with the required knowledge and skills to take advantage of technology in actualization of various objectives of the church and reaching a global audience”.

Speaking further on the ‘Conference Segments’, the lead Convener said, “There will be Digital Disruptions Expo: Interactive and engaging sessions with speakers from church and technology backgrounds speaking on how technology is disrupting traditional church operations and activities.

“We will be exploring topics like how online payments is gaining grounds as the primary way of paying offerings and tithes, evangelism and reaching out to a larger audience using digital marketing and social media, streaming of church events to enable worldwide reach and lots more!!

“We are also ready for Practical Sessions: Training sessions where we will be teaching you how to grow your church online presence, first-timers follow up and retention using a church management software, effective live streaming, lighting and stage design, leveraging digital marketing and social media to improve church engagement.

“These sessions are open to pastors and church workers who are in the IT, media, communication and production departments and anyone who wants to learn how the Church can use digital innovations”.

He also enumerated the benefits Participants will get; such as learning how to “Promote church activities and events using Digital Marketing Channels; Use Digital Marketing Channels effectively as a Pastor, Church Leader or Church Worker; Effectively manage the Church brand and public relations online; Follow up on first-timers and manage Church operations using a church management software; Use or integrate online payment and e-commerce into online platforms; Achieve proper lighting and stage design for the Church; Broadcast Church activities and events live on Social Media accounts, websites and other online platforms;

“And participants will also learn how other Churches have achieved growth and efficiency using technology from some of our speakers”.

Who Can Attend?

He said that the Conference is open to Church Leaders and Workers; Technology Leaders; Software developers and engineers in Churches; Stakeholders and decision-makers in Churches; Christian Organizations; Technology Lovers and Enthusiasts; IT Executives and professionals in Churches; Tech Equipment and Software Retailers and Digital Marketers and social media experts.

“We look forward to welcoming you”, Ihesie concluded.


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