The training and capacity building arm of CWG Plc, the CWG Academy today resumed 2020 academic with about 70 students in attendance to go through the intensive practical learning experience from experts.

The 2020 session, which will last for 14 weeks started with an orientation, where the Academy Director of Study Mr. Effiong Emmanuel takes the students on work ethics and other workplace experiences. He tasked them to see assignments given to them in the workplace as a special task.

“Going to work does not mean you are working. When you go to work, ask yourself what you have done each day. Don’t believe in cheap money. Work for the money as success doesn’t just happen. It is a factor of hard work and patience,” he advised them.

A check on the module for the 2020 session shows that the students will be drilled on Customer Service Management, Service Excellence and Culture Training, Foundation Training, Customer Service Essentials, Customer Care and Project Management.

Others are Project Management and Project Office, Electronic Bills Presentment Payment, Unified Corporative Platform, Positive Communications and Winning Attitude, Sales and Presales Strategies and Processes, Career in IT, IT Security, Enterprise Risk Management and Point Of Sales.

The 2020 session is the 29th session so far since the Academy started. The essence of the Academy is to groom young graduates and inspire them to develop and compete among their peers anywhere in the world.

Since its inception, the CWG Academy has trained and develop over 1,500 Professionals. Some of these professionals, findings revealed, are working with Blue-Chip companies in Nigeria today. Some have also gone ahead to establish their own companies as entrepreneurs and are doing very well.

The Academy is one of the many ways CWG contributes her quota to Nation building by ways of helping to tackle the Nigerian unemployment quagmire. “What we do here is to create the know-how and confidence needed to be the next set of Tech-leaders in Nigeria as we believe doing this will continue to create jobs for other Nigerians riding on technology,” Emmanuel added.

The Academy deals with four core areas of the Information and Communications Technology ecosystem. They are Advance Service management, Data Centre Infrastructure Services, IT Infrastructure & Cloud Platform and Software Training.

Meanwhile, one of the excited students, Nwacheta David, who spoke to Journalists said having heard from a friend who passed through CWG Academy, has been very successful in the IT industry, he decided to register to participate in the 2020 session.

David, who disclosed that he a graduate of Nautical Science from the Southtyneside Marine College in the United Kingdom, believes that the training he will receive will develop him to make a mark in the Global ICT industry.

“I signed up for the Academy to become an IT expert and to be up to date with the current trends in the IT world. From what I have seen and learned here, it is safe to say CWG Academy can be recommended for anybody that wants to pursue a career in IT,” he said.


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