Pioneer digital payments company, Interswitch has asked its customers across Nigeria to disregard the news that its dispute management activities have been suspended as a result of the COVID-19 Lock-down.

In a statement posted on its social media pages, Interswitch described the news as fake, assuring that all its business operations continue to run smoothly, without any snags, as the company has implemented a fully operative business continuity plan.

The company however admitted that the Central Bank of Nigeria issued a temporary suspension of refund activities for ATM and card payments as a result of the lockdown, a situation it noted has been revoked with full approval from CBN. This is so that cardholders and the transacting public can continue to carry out their transactions as usual.

“Cardholders and the transacting public are assured that all dispute management operations remain fully available and all chargebacks and disputes will be processed according to their regular timelines,” it stated.

Interswitch reassures the general public that any news of disrupted operations flying across the media, are fake and should be disregarded. The company has charged its customers to keep transacting and not to panic. It has also encouraged the public to keep safe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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