The global smartphone shipping in the first quarter of 2020 has recorded a sharp decline of 16.8 percent on the year-ago total, with Apple decline being the least out of the big three.

According to Strategy Analytics, the unprecedented decline, where total shipments of 274.8 million units were recorded in the first quarter, is been attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategy Analytics revealed that no vendors were spared the austerity, disclosing that Xiaomi atleast managed to tread water thanks to its Indian presence. “As expected, the global smartphone market delivered its worst performance since records began. Demand for smartphones slammed to a halt in the quarter, as the Covid-19 virus scare shut down major economies like China and shoppers placed their spending plans on hold,” said Linda Sui of SA.

Strategy Analytics noted that despite a strong line-up of A, S and Note series models, Samsung sees its lowest quarterly smartphone shipments for eight years. Samsung was unable to escape the virus-led plunge in smartphone demand.

But Huawei was able to maintain its global smartphone share at a respectable 18 percent during the quarter with China remaining its core region and most of its sales take place there despite a cold war between China and USA.

If the production forecast is anything to go by, the global smartphone numbers could be even worse next quarter. Supply chains are disrupted and discretionary consumer spend has gone down the toilet, while everyone sits tight and waits to see how things will play out.

As with so many other industries, the smartphone sector will have its fingers crossed for an explosion of pent-up demand in the second half of this year.


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