Nigeria’s CWG Plc has adduced reasons it decided to engage critical stakeholders in Cooperative Societies across Nigeria on how to manage a successful cooperative during the Covid-19 Pandemic era.

Mr. Lateef Fadeyi, Product Manager, Unified Cooperative Platform at CWG, noted that interacting with the stakeholders become imperative as cooperatives in Nigeria are now facing the urgent issue of the financial crisis affecting their day to day operation.

Thus, there is a need to engage them with a solution that can easily drive their operations on how to run a successful cooperative in the Covid-19 era. “Amid the current Coronavirus situation in the world, we believe cooperative societies, especially in Nigeria need help to successfully run their operations, said Lateef during a webinar session on Zoom Meeting.

While identifying the problems of cooperative societies in Nigeria which include readily available data for planning, lack of access, improper record-keeping, inefficient operations, lack of visibility, and financial exclusion, Lateef disclosed that CWG’s Unified Cooperative Platform (UCP) has been designed to address these challenges.

The platform, according to him, is an integrated core operations solution with front and backend access to both members and administrators, which gives an automated loan, automated reporting and secured access.

UCP features include Automated Deduction Schedule, Loan Management, Member Management, Surplus Appropriation + Dividend, Business Management and Automated Reporting,” he added.

UCP is one of CWG’s solutions geared towards promoting the growth of cooperatives in all countries where it has operations. The benefits of the solution include worldwide accessibility, ease of operations, up to date and efficient data, enhanced knowledge for planning, ease of payment and collections, increased productivity, data security, broad visibility and transparency and no complexity of infrastructure setup. It is also a one-stop-shop for the entire cooperative ecosystem to address financial inclusion, accountability, accessibility and visibility.


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