The Managing Director of Zido Logistics, Samuel Ajiboyede has said that with the right operational model, logistics business will remain profitable despite the global lockdown occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on the prospects and challenges for the logistics sector during the pandemic, Ajiboyede noted that logistics companies must understand new realities and adapt to changes to remain profitable.

Ajiboyede stated that his company has continued to record great milestones and patronage during the over four month’s global lockdown from transporters and customers because of its unique business model.

According to him, Zido Logistics key advantage lies in the fact that it operates a joint partnership that allows it to take the certain critical burden off the transporters so that they can focus on their key areas of moving goods.

He said; “Since the coronavirus pandemic started, we have been able to scale up despite the challenges in the sector. We have recorded some remarkable feats and this is sole because of our operational model.

“As brokers, we connect the transporters with customers. It is an open platform where the customers know who is moving their goods and the transporters also know the charge for the service. It is a transparent process where we partner with transporters to efficiently and effectively serve customers, but not posing any threat of competition to them.

“By signing up on our platform, transporters bring volume while we handle the key areas of the business such as documentation, operational fund, insurance, invoicing, access to technology.

“With our model, we have been able to build trust between both transporters and customers alike. Despite the slug in business across the globe, we have been able to scale up and more transporters are joining our platform.

“We work with the biggest shipping lines and FMCGs manufacturers in the world. We also arrange return trips which eliminate idleness for the transporters. During this period of the general downturn, we are scaling up. More transporters know this and they are already joining our platform to have access to our vast resources.”

Ajiboyede added that with the huge success so far recorded, Zido Logistics will soon activate a second series of funding to further expand and serve a larger part of the market.


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