Nigeria’s CWG Plc has sealed a strategic partnership with Clari5, a Banking Enterprise Financial Crime Risk Management products company to jointly help African banks combat enterprise fraud and money laundering.

The partnership will allow the two companies to provide solutions to African banks to counter enterprise-wide fraud and money laundering risk.

“We are tremendously excited to partner with Clari5. Banks across Africa can now benefit from the unparalleled advantages of Clari5’s extreme real-time, cross channel, enterprise-wide fraud risk management capability,” announced Mr. Adewale Adeyipo, CWG’s Chief Executive Officer.

He noted that the pan-African fraud and money laundering landscape has become alarmingly sophisticated over the last few years and clearly banks are seeking more efficient solutions to combat the scourge. He also stressed that dealing with the new reality is beyond the league of conventional, siloed anti-fraud solutions, but with Clari5, banks in Africa now have the power of a world-class enterprise-wide real-time financial crime management solution that has been changing the way banks fight financial crime.

Also commenting, the Chief Executive Officer of Clari5, Rivi Varghese, stated that the partnership with CWG Plc, touted as one of the leading information technology company became neccesaary as the best way to combat fraud and money laundering is with a solution that can behave like the human central nervous system to synthesize intelligence from across all channels of the bank in that very moment when it matters most.

“Clari5’s proven real-time product capability in thwarting financial crime, coupled with CWG’s unparalleled market reach and rich legacy of engagement successes makes it a compelling value proposition for innovative African banks to prevent bottom-line losses to financial crime. We are both proud and delighted to partner with CWG – the legendary African technology leader,” he said.


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