The SBTS Group Inc has unveiled Health Outbreak Manager (HOM), a full ITTC (Identify, Track, Trace, and Contain) solution that works as a primary tool to support and aid users in an outbreak and also helps officials and health organization handle outbreaks from start to finish.

The HOM is a solution that is powered by the SBTS Group, the company that innovated the first Ebola outbreak system. The solution helps governments, health care organizations, facilities, businesses and citizens manage outbreaks before, during and after a pandemic. 

It comes handy as the world begins to return to a new normal from the effects of COVID-19. More Video here:

Globally, more governments are easing lockdowns and providing guidelines for opening their economies that offer safe social environments for their constituents while continuing to offer support and resources for those exposed. HOM offers a solution tailored to governments, businesses and global health organizations for these complex problems.

HOM is a full ITTC contactless solution that uses mobile technology, tech-enabled manual support to provide pandemic support to both officials and constituents.

The technology encompasses a comprehensive suite that centers around symptoms checker, anonymous electronic contact tracing, using live maps and location-based information to identify those that may have been exposed and provide them with resources and support. This comes integrated with Google and Apple Contact tracing API out of the box.

The main features of HOM for users include: 

  • Machine-learned risk profiling that uses area concentration, location and travel history, demographics, vital signs, risk factors, activities and symptom trends, to understand a user’s risk to others and their overall health.
  • Symptom checking to provide users and their families with the most up-to-date information for their current symptoms and direct communication for assistance and clinical support when necessary.

HOM includes six (6) modules to provide the tools to manage their constituent’s safety. 

  • Contact Tracing and advanced location—Utilizes short wave Bluetooth and GPS communication to create supporting exposure networks to increase the effectiveness of electronic contact tracing with support for manual contact tracing.
  • Access/Surveillance—Provides secure, contactless ID technology to decide about a person’s risk for entry into any office building, local transit, restaurants, events, etc.
  • Healthcare/Tele-Health—Creates encrypted remote communication between users and healthcare centers for symptom monitoring, consultations, testing and treatment.
  • Transportation/Tourism/Immigration—Delivers departure and arrival Forms/Questionnaires based upon specific country requirements and regulations along with a user’s profile data to mitigate risk for travelers and entrance for visitors and their families with our symptoms checker component included.
  • Quarantine Management—Supports potential and confirmed users and their families who may have been exposed to symptom tracking, location-based reminders, and direct support for services while in quarantine.
  • Data management/Call center—Initiates tailored questionnaires from scientists and researchers alike to provide social powered solutions based on pattern analysis, user experiences, profile information, forms, reports, DHIS2, USSD and survey administration.
  • HOM comes in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Portuguese. 

SBTS Group Inc. is a global technology firm that helps governments understand and coordinate attention to economic organizational, technological innovation, and integrated enterprise.

“Just like we did in helping governments and other stakeholders leverage technology to manage Ebola, we have created HOM as a full ITTC contactless solution using mobile technology, tech-enabled manual support to provide pandemic support to government, health officials and constituents,” said CEO of SBTS Group, Evelyn Lewis.


HOM delivers a highly configurable, secure and robust platform proven to work efficiently and effectively. Governments can feel confident in knowing that their constituents are managed and maintained in a responsible way. These modules adapt to support constituents in both low and high-tech environments to ensure that necessary information is captured securely regardless of the region, connectivity, or population. With Access/Entry at its core, HOM can securely identify individuals, asses profile information, and make necessary decisions to ensure general public safety and quarantine recommendations.

Healthcare Module

Patients can communicate directly with healthcare centers for information, aid, and support.

Tourism/Transportation/Immigration Module

Utilize unique identification, travel history, origin and destination requirements and location-based history for public transportation, air travel and immigration decisions.

Access Module

Utilize unique identification, building requirements, location-based history for access to an office building, public events, restaurants and shops.

Advanced Location Module

Using location-based history, along with short wave bluetooth to anonymously monitor proximity and automatic contact tracing when necessary.

Survey Module

Scientists and researchers can get direct insight from users based on symptoms, demographics, and risk factors to improve their understanding of outbreaks and socially engineer solutions.


HOM is a secure contactless solution used to aid and support users during an outbreak. The primary features center around machine-learned risk profiling that uses area concentration, location and travel history, demographics, vitals, risk factors, activities and symptom trends to understand a user’s risk to others and their overall health.

Live MapsUsing public and user-reported information to track areas of concentration.

Contact Tracing

Automatically notify users you may have come in with using location tracking.

Symptom Checker

Check your symptoms and receive suggested measures and support based upon up-to-date recommendations from health officials.

Global Stats and News

With live data feeds and pattern analysis, HOM provides the latest information, verified news stories and statistics to keep you informed.

Profile Sharing

It allows users to share their symptom’s history with family members and caretakers for monitoring, support and communication.


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