The President of Huawei’s Carrier Business Group, Ryan Ding has explained how the outbreak of the Covid-19, mandating social distancing measures had driven a new wave of efficiency across the company, as it applies digital technologies to more internal processes.

Mr. Ding said with the outbreak, Huawei has introduced electronic bidding, contract signing and invoicing, along with integrated purchase orders, making the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to make contactless transactions a reality, reduce personal interactions and allows for more efficient and secure transactions.

“We are using digital technology to change the way we work and are shifting to digital delivery and services, which provides an additional degree of assurance during the pandemic,” he said at the Huawei Better World Summit 2020.

He disclosed Huawei presently uses video streaming to perform remote acceptance checks, reducing contact between people. Unlike when staff would make site visits when equipment was delivered.

Ding also added that most of the Huawei’s employees now work from home, using secure digital tools and systems to maintain customer service levels.


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