A global study covering internet affordability, quality and security has ranked Nigeria 81st position in the world in its 2020 results of the Digital Quality of Life (DQL) research.

According to the DQL Index 2020, out of all African countries, analysed in the research, Nigeria surpasses Algeria, however, lags behind Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia and others. Algeria ranks 84th while Kenya is in the 77th place, Morocco – 70th and Tunisia – 64th.

Meanwhile, while Nigeria ranks at the bottom of the DQL Index 2020, it surprises in terms of its e-security ranking. Nigeria is in the 70th place globally — it ranks 53rd in terms of cybersecurity, however, has no data protection laws available in the country.

When it comes to internet quality, Nigeria ranks at the bottom of the pillar — in the 81st place. However, it has a better quality internet than Peru, Algeria, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Nigeria also has the least affordable internet globally. It ranks below Columbia and Honduras in terms of internet affordability.

The DQL Index 2020 took into account the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on internet quality, among other factors, such as internet affordability, electronic government, e-security, and electronic infrastructure.


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