The Association of Telecomm Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) has described telecommunications consumers in Nigeria as development partners in the journey of developing the country’s Digital Economy.

The Executive Secretary of ATCON, Mr. Ajibola Olude made this description today during the 2nd Webinar Series on Sustainability, Business and Human Rights with the theme ‘Consumer Protection Amidst the Pandemic –Business and Human Rights Implication’, which was organized by the International Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (IN-CSR) and the National Human Rights Commission.

Speaking on the topic ‘The role of telecommunications companies in protecting consumer rights’, Ajibola noted that consumers are the lifeblood of any business, including telecom. Thus, they must be taken with all sense of seriousness.

Consumers are kings and our member companies will continue to treat them as kings. We have not worked until consumers are satisfied. They are part of the journey towards achieving a truly digital economy,” he asserted.

He assured that telecom companies in Nigeria are working very hard to make sure that all telecom consumers have value for every kobo spent on telecom services, adding that in terms of continuous education, all of its members have been educating consumers on how they can use their data effectively.

Highlighting some of the measures ATCON and its members have taken to protect telecoms consumers, Ajibola said the introduction of per-second billing, Data Roll-over, mobile number portability and Do-Not-Disturb as some key telecoms Consumers’ Rights Protection Initiatives.


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