The Managing Director of Sidmach Technologies, Mr. Chijioke Eke posited that the Covid-19 pandemic, which has shifted global focus to the technology sector with most activities carried out via technological platforms has forced the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is upon us.

The Sidmach Bos, who took this position at the remarks at the Titan of Tech Conference & Exhibition 2020 organised by TechTV Networks in collaboration with, relies on the present situation where most business meetings and transactions are now done through conference telephony and virtual meetings.

“Covid-19 pandemic has proved to be one of the fiercest crisis the world has had to deal with in recent times. It is one which has placed the global economy on a standstill and has affected virtually every industry, including the technology industry. The biggest takeaway from the pandemic is that: Everyone must be ready for change – both systemic and endemic as it has shifted global focus to the technology sector as most activities are now being carried out via technological platforms; most business meetings and transactions are now done through conference telephony and virtual meetings. This further proves that the 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us,” he said.

He argued that focus is now on technological development such as e-commerce, search engines, and online marketing as the pandemic has isolated people from their businesses.

The telecommunications industries have thrived as a result of the isolation situation, which now brings the world to the realization that technological advancement to the industry is what would give businesses the upper hand in maximizing the global pandemic for their benefits.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Sidmach Technologies helps boost productivity, collaboration and creativity for Schools, Teachers and other businesses.

Recently, the company proactively launched a learning management solution called LUMINATE, developed specifically to help schools navigate through the pandemic by taking learning and classroom activities online.

Speaking on the solution, Mr. Eke said that the solution was developed for schools and learners across all levels – from nursery to primary, secondary, and tertiary levels.

“As of now, we have more than a hundred schools already registered on the platform, running their school online.

“Also, we have BIZKIT, a simple and handy tool offering a complete business management solution for SMEs allowing them to manage the most critical components of their business – accounting, invoicing, payroll as well as inventory; all managed at the click of buttons in one single environment!”, he said.


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