An information technology (IT) firm, Sawtrax Inc has introduced and deployed a highly encrypted mobile app for the propagation of the gospel, member engagement, church management and outreaches.

Tagged iGOSPEL, the mobile app becomes inevitable following the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic, which has led to the dwindling of physical attendance in churches. 

Speaking on the importance of iGospel mobile app for churches and religious organisations, Susanne Gongul, the Head of Partnerships Sawtrax argued that as the world copes with the scourge of the covid 19 pandemic, the Church of God, its superintendents  and congregation need to take advantage of technology to ensure that the successful spread of the Gospel is never derailed or cut short.

“Preachers and heads of religious organisations can now reach out to their members individually via instant messaging. The Instant Messaging and file sharing feature allows sharing of different kinds of files to your friends and family for free,” he said.

He added that iGospel provides a way to digitally deliver and promote sermons among other gospel contents to a wider audience worldwide as it comes with a High-Definition Frequency, which makes free secured and uninterrupted clear audio and video calls among members. The two-way communication channel is enabled for both public and private usage; the public channels are for everyone while the private channel is for only paid subscribers. Multi department segmentation is possible with the app, it has the ability to create multiple channels for the different departments and channels. This includes Group Creation, in which the administrators to engage private groups without interference.

iGospel uses your phone’s internet connection to send messages so you can save on SMS fees. The iGospel app comes with an incredible built-in feature that helps reduce data consumption whilst using it. 

iGospel is a free next-generation secured video, voice and messaging platform with innovative e-commerce possibilities where messages are available for members to purchase seamlessly”. Simply put, it’s a game-changing mobile application through which members can access all the church’s content be it at home, work, or on the go.

iGospel is a cloud platform that provides the church with a web portal to upload and manage all of its contents including messages, sermons, programmes etc embedded in a mobile application through which members can access the church’s content. 

iGospel has been recognised by the clergy and many Christians as a welcome innovation in this era where Christians are always on the move but still want to be in tune with their spirituality.  Using iGospel, a preacher and church has a one-on-one relationship with its members and is able to reach out to millions of people all over the world.


Download iGOSPEL from the Google and Apple Stores.


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