The duo of VNTS and Schoola are among the five startups that will feature at this year’s Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE), a professional tradeshow that provides opportunities for networking and marketing, which is organized annually by the Taipei Computer Association.

The other three startups being sponsored to the show by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) are LexChain, Powerstove Energy and Blieu Technologies.

A statement issued and signed by Mrs. Hadiza Umar, Head of Corporate Communications Department, which quoted the DG of NITDA Mallam Kashifu Inuwa, explained that entrepreneurial activity does not happen in silos, hence the Agency is committed to exposing Nigerian startups to the global stage in order to attract more investors, enhance technology transfer viz-a-viz cross-fertilization of ideas and innovations.

The statement also disclosed that part of the program is the Mayor’s Summit, where the DG-NITDA will be discussing Nigeria’s smart City Vision and Strategy as well as the B2B matchmaking, which will avail Nigerian startups the opportunity to meet potential partners and attract Foreign Direct Investment into Nigeria.

Highlights of the startups that are sponsored by NITDA at SCSE 2021 are:

VNTS: An all-in-one device for Home/SME LTE Broadband deployment that delivers superfast 5G/LTE Broadband using electrical cabling which distributes data & delivers complete Wi-Fi coverage;

LexChain: A digital solution using Blockchain to provide government, businesses and individuals the ability to verify and securely exchange digital assets;

Powerstove Energy: A versatile ‘Plug and Play’ Solar Home System that powers lights, radios, TVs and charges phones. Each unit is SMART, and connects remotely to the central database to support PAYG, enabling proactive maintenance and remote firmware updates;

Blieu Technologies: A new valve lock system deployed with remote cloud-based correspondence intelligence and OTP, to monitor the operation of sensitive process valves remotely, thus check-mating the problem of petroleum products siphoning from storage tanks or theft of high-value process chemicals.

Schoola: This is a gamified Artificial Intelligence learning solution that is curriculum agnostic and powered by local content generated by individual schools. They seek to leverage AI by first using machine learning to effectively help students, teachers, and schools get the best out of their solution.

SCSE is a professional tradeshow that provides opportunities for networking and marketing. The categories of the SCSE are smart epidemic prevention, smart health care, smart transportation, smart education, smart energy-saving, smart building, smart manufacturing, smart security control, 5G solutions, AI and related solutions and other industry categories.


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