As enterprises sharpen cloud migrations, SaaS vendors are predicted to boom significantly. Cloud migrations are often complex. Toss in a pandemic and a quick transformation to remote work, and 2021 becomes the year of clean-up.

Looking towards 2021, there will be a massive uptick in cloud infrastructure implementations and spending to enable new remote workers to function efficiently outside the legacy office environment.

The transformation to the cloud isn’t slowing down, but enterprises are tidying strategies to take complete benefit of a hot cloud moment. In 2021, firms are preparing for the cloud to trickle into all departments. Here are some cloud trends to watch. 

Avoiding Unnecessary Cloud Workloads

The lift and shift model of bringing the whole application to the cloud in one push brings the whole application to the cloud in one push brings outdated, complicated data. Reconfiguring the cloud to boosts benefits, reduce costs, and reduce burden will be vital to long-term cloud success. Tossing cash at a public cloud vendor will allow business continuity in 2020, but moving forward, business leaders are considering other models like a hybrid cloud as ideal for operations. 

Improving Cloud Governance

Looking to strengthen cloud strategy, enterprises may rethink governance initiatives to prioritize security. Returning to clouds’ foundations and building a strong governance plan will bolster security infrastructure to correct hasty adoption. IT departments are functioning to shore up cloud security. Advanced cyberattacks pushed enterprises to shape up cloud security strategies to avoid becoming the next prey. 

Workforce Training

While vendors evolve, cloud computing firms are investing in spreading technology knowledge with free training opportunities. More multi-cloud strategies are paired with broader training initiatives from both businesses and the cloud providers themselves, as firms look to train cloud architects and professionals from within. With the cloud boom paving the way for a change, edge computing will be on the rise. In the future, this cloud innovation means, while the data centers will remain essential, the volume will increasingly focus on edge devices performing on AI.

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